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Discover-Lifes-Purpose-Mission-Trails-Church-Mission-ValleyTo help you along your way, we want to provide you with a free resource when you come visit our Sunday Service.  

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How would you answer that question?  For most of us, we never slow down to think it through.  Even if we achieve phenomenal success, that does not guarantee we will know why we are here and what life’s about.  We may believe that enough money, notoriety, comfort, security, or pleasure is all that we really need in life, but the truth is that’s a myth.  Achievement, recognition, and wealth can be helpful and admirable, but they do not equal meaning and significance in life. Thomas Jones, a former NFL player, shared about his success in the NFL in this way:

“The fans look at (the NFL dream) as money,” Jones said, “but once you’ve bought everything you want, you realize there is more you want out of life” (Jane Manus, ESPN New York).

Discover Life’s Purpose from the Cross of Jesus

Click on the thumbnail below to watch messages about discovering our purpose in life from a recent message series, “When Love Speaks.”  Each message shows the significance and relevance for the cross in helping us to discover life’s purpose and how God showed His love for us.

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